[SC:L Guild] Legion of Diamond Hearts

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  1. What is Sword Coast: Legends?

    What is Legion of the Diamond Hearts?

    Steam ID:
    DM or Adventurer:
    D&D Experience (None is required):
    SCL Experience (Some is preferred):

    Guild Roster
    fluffinator09 - DM - Dragon Master

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  2. Reserved for potential future use!
  3. Well, I like the banner at the beginning of the post :p
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  4. If I ever get the game, I will turn to you.
  5. Awesome! What do you think of it?
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  6. I like it! It seems like a great concept, and I believe that it will go far.
  7. Unfortunately the game is getting horrible reviews, but that's mainly because people are complaining it is only D&D in name.
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