Saving Time

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  1. I don't know if this is something unknown or not. I also didn't know if I should put this here. I figured I would, though, because it really helps out the people in the frontier. This really is nice if your village or claim is far away from town. Anyway, I found that on smp5 (I think) or maybe any server (I don't know), you can set your spawn in the frontier and then go to town. After you are done in town, instead of going back over land, you can go to the end and then exit and you end up at your village instead of back in town. This is nice because you pretty much cut down on half the time.
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  2. oh, nice. Now I need to find the end on my server..
  3. On smp5, there's a portal in the nether. Maybe there's one over there, too.
  4. Yes that is called setting spawn by sleeping in a bed. An easier way that I use is settings spawn at my outpost and then when I need to travel to it i just go to the Nether waste and kill myself to respond at my outpost. Only do this with an empty inventory.
    However your idea is good since it would allow to bring a full inventory with you too, since you are not killing yourself. Thanks for the mind opening tip.
  5. :)