Satnic worship in emc?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pat2011, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. So I was in the wild today and came across this... 2012-06-18_22.09.08.png
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  2. looks like a beacon to me. not even a proper cross. also who goes to minecraft if they want to worship the devil?
    so either the worst satanists ever but more likely just a light beacon in the wild :D
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  3. Never thought of that...
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  4. >.< It may even be some sort of religion. The cross burning means, "[insert religios thing here]" But you never know, it could be some troller.

    P.S: Its "Satanic Worship"
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  5. Is it bad that I chuckled a this?
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  6. Its obviously just a plus sign on fire floating in the ocean made out of brick from minecraft's "hell."
    Nothing fishy about that what-so-ever. lawl
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  7. All Hail The Mighty Ghast!
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  8. Also found this on a nearby island... 2012-06-18_22.53.15.png
  9. This is so funny to me! Oh, and free netherbrick!
  10. I read this as "looks like bacon to me" :p Mmmmm fire crisped bacon.
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  11. I find it Ironic you're worried about satanic worship and yet you have Pedobear as your skin :confused:
  12. Thank You. I hate that skin.
  13. Whatever it is, it should not be even made. This is like the swastika incident, where it can mean a religious symbol or the sign of Nazism.
  14. Laughed for about 5 straight minutes at this xD
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  15. its funny cause theres a thread about some one who got banned for having a pedo bear skin
  16. Ban train. *WHOOT WHOOT*
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  17. You either allow all religious symbols or none at all. Although worshiping Satan isn't my thing.
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  18. Next time i see a cross - i'll be whining too..

    I don't believe we should advertise god on EMC either ^^
  19. Could a mod lock this before i get mad
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  20. If you have the pedobear skin, i would change it right now.