[SAR] Smack A Residence [1211]

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  1. 2014-08-21_00.02.49.png
    Heya EMC
    I am paying whoever wants the job 40,000r for tearing this tower down.
    I will supply the following:
    Efficiency IV Shear
    Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Pickaxe
    Efficiency IV Silk Touch I Pickaxe.

    All materials must be given to me as you are done (access chests will be made)
  2. I would love the job and may know someone willing to work tto
  3. No matter if you do alone or with 6 other guys, the payment will be splitted between all workers.
  4. sounds good shall i head over?
  5. Alrighto
  6. I'm down for tearing things up, building and not tearing get's broing :p
  7. what res num?
  8. STILL TAKING WORKERS - Payment will be splitted even between everyone choosing to contribute.