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  1. Over the past few days, the eastern seaboard of America has been bombarded. Few times has the forces of nature forced us to stop for a bit and step back from modern society. Most of those in America have heard about this Hurricane that has hit the US, but for those that didn't it was a Hurricane (Category 1 when it hit) that hit the northeast America, a place normally that does not experience these types of natural disasters. It brought upon its mass destruction and caused death to way too many. Now I am not trying to write this post for sympathy, apathy or for attention, but to inform the world about what took place. In my family alone there are 12 members left homeless, 1 dead and 3 cars lost to the storm. This storm with wind up to 90 MPH caused 10 Million + to be left without power. It has destroyed beaches, homes and even whole towns. It has torn apart families and has halted major cities and even the hub of world commerce, the New York Stock Exchange. It has shut down mass and public transit and has changed the way that many will live. So when you all go to bed tonight please have those affected by the storm in your thoughts and prayers, and be thankful that you and hopefully your family are safe. Best wishes Biscuitboy5396.
  2. I am sad to hear you have been hit so drastically due to this storm. I know not everybody had got hit this bad; but I am thinking about everyone over there. I wish you the best and obviously take your time getting back with us. This is much more important than minecraft. Wishing you the best.
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  3. I always find myself angry when people post things like this, because there are many people in the US (and otherwise) which face these kinds of things all the time, the people that are homeless from what society has already done to them. The marginalized in society, the untreated unhelped people that are unable to help themselves. I was one of those people for 8 years of my life, until someone helped me get on disability, and I met many which were in a similar situation. Many even on disability are still in terrible situations because of how disability doesn't work to help, amazingly many people deny this could even happen let alone is the norm for some. (one very good example is here, a documentary about chronic lyme disease and the medical community's denial of it's very existence and prosecution of the few doctors that treat those with it.)

    So don't go to bed tonight thinking of JUST the people that were put into this situation temporarily by the storm, they almost all have friends and family that can help them out before it becomes a long term issue. Think of those that have no friends or family that will help them, those that either already were in this situation or have just been knocked off of their last bit of self-support by what happened, and will be in the situation for a long time.
  4. I feel for you Biscuit. I see you're out in Long Island. Your entire family out that way?

    I, too, was in the relative area. Clifton, NJ - just west of Manhattan. My brother-in-law lives in Greenpoint, and my wife works in the city. Amazingly, we escaped unscathed. The wife and I are volunteering this weekend. I'd do more during the week, but I work in Philadelphia.

    It's going to take a long time to recover.
  5. No most of my family lives in the city. My cousin and her 4 kids and my other cousin and her 2 kids lived on Staten Island and their cars washed away and their 1 floor apartments are flooded and destroyed. I mean all I lost is power. (Its hard to write this on my phone with spotty coverage) Its a shame when someone losses their home or their life, but when it happens to masses its a catastrophe. Likelier said many people wont know about this but you should. As it affects many people.
  6. My friend is stuck in NYC. He was trying to enjoy a holiday, and then the hurricane struck. I don't even know if he's alive, or has no shelter :(
  7. Do you know what area he was in? Where he was staying? What he was doing there? As I mentioned, my wife and brother in law work on the island...
  8. Sadly I don't, and he has no access to any electrical power - or wifi - until it is all fixed or he can come back home.
  9. My family in New York was affected from this. Nobody was injured (thankfully), but they lost three cars. Two family members from where I live are driving to them with aid (wood, a generator, etc.). They will have no power for weeks. They had water up to their door. They live in the Long Island area.