Sandstone Pyramid hotel?

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  1. Hi guys i am thinking of making a small sandstone pyramid hotel on my lot. i wanted to know you thoughts about it and whether i should build it or not. What i am thinking of doing is having a small hotel in the shape of a pyramid with a couple of rooms inside. these rooms will range from basic to super luxury. should i make to hotel out of smooth sandstone or just normal sandstone? the hotel will probaly have a pool and a cafe inside. also if i were to make it would you buy or rent a room? here are some pictures of what it will look like. (but with windows and for it to be made out of sandstone)
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  2. I think smooth sandstone would personally look more like the block style of a real world pyramid.

    Something to think about, how would you lay out the rooms? The base of the pyramid would have plenty of space but as you move to the top, what can you do? There's always a solution - just giving things to plan ahead for.
  3. Thanks for the the suggestions. i have built these before in other worlds and they can be very tricky to do at the top however i normally just put a luxury suite up there or storage rooms. if i do this i probably will use smooth sandstone as you said it looks better and makes it more real. i have also just worked out that the dimensions for the hotel will probably be 30x30 so half the lots size as i already have other stuff on my lot
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  4. Isn't 30x30 a quarter of a residence? You could move your other things below ground so that you have the full lot at ground level to work with.
  5. 60x60 in normal EMC server i think so half in normal but 120x120 in utopia so quater there. Hmmm i could move stuff underground but that would make things a lot harder and take more time
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  6. If you are talking about dimensions, yes you are cutting them in half. If you are talking about area, dividing the dimensions by 2 reduces the area to a quarter of the original. 60x60=3600 sq. blocks. 30x30=900 sq. blocks. 3600/900=4.

    You can always get help digging. I just helped a friend dig out a whole residence over the weekend.
  7. its official!. i am going ahead with the pyramid hotel and have already started:). i expect it to be finished by early November. More information will follow! any questions feel free to ask!
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