Sandstone Needed! And Gold Blocks/Ingots

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  1. So I need around 15 stacks of Sandstone and about 48 Gold Blocks. Please!

    Willing to pay 50r per stack of Sandstone. (More if you sell to me in bulk. = 5 stacks.
    Willing to pay 15r per Gold INGOT! x by 9 if you're selling me Blocks. ;)

    Please Help Me Out Here and Start A Conversation - or whatever it is - with me if I'm not on, or /tell AlexChance (SMP2'S My Home Server).

    EDIT: ALL GOOD! GOT THE SANDSTONE THANKS TO chaaralis. Anyone got gold though?
  2. Leowastes store on smp2 should have it :p
  3. Lol. Brought him out already :)
  4. I have that much sandstone. SMP3 #6033
  5. LIES! someone bought it all... sorry
  6. No-one seems to be selling on SMP3.. Ill try again later when more people are online
  7. Ahaha Ok :)
  8. Got that Sandstone, Gold anyone?
  9. Alex, i might able to get you some xd
  10. Gold? Awesome.
  11. there is some gold at 1782 on smp1.
  12. i have gold on smp1
  13. I got a question- How do you guys create them Achievement gets?
  14. h its not my shop its my friends
  15. hs res is- 809 on smp1
  16. k thanks.
  17. sorry i did not know it was sold out until i got on XD it had about 5 stacks when i logged out the other day.