Sandstone Mall SMP9 19007

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  1. As part of my return to EMC I have decided to take a break from mansions and apartments and have decided to build myself a Mega Mall, currently known as Sandstone Mall due to it's structure being completley Sandstone. [And Glass]

    The status is "currently stocking items" as we only opened on the 6th December 2012, as normal most items/blocks that are sold here are general to other shops. I am also looking for some donaters to keep the shop alive.

    The building took aproximatly 18 stacks of Smooth Sandstone and 2 stacks of Chissles Sandstone/Creeper Sandstone and aproximatly 2-3 stacks of glass.

    Thanks for reading and remember to visit SMP9 19007 Sandstone Mall.

    ~Mindlegokid Owner of Sandstone Mall~
  2. Looks awesome!