Sand, Sandstone, And Cobblestone

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  1. I am currently running a large desert mining operation, which means I can produce these materials in bulk. I have set up a exchange-style shop at /v 511 with each item along the wall. The prices are based upon statistical analysis of 4 major SMP1 shops.

    So, come on over to /v 511 if you need lots of these materials in bulk.
  2. I haven't necessarily checked it out yet, correct me if I'm wrong; but when you are selling items in bulk I highly recommend you don't use mall prices. Mall prices are generally expensive simply because they stock every item. If you are a specialty shop and only sell these items, I suggest you go lower than the average mega mall price; probably around the price that suppliers sell for. Just my tips :)
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  3. Could you put up a price list?
  4. I usually say 1r above average sell-back price per stack, considering it's only 3 item's you'll be selling, not to mention in bulk
  5. Current Prices:
    Cobblestone 44r/stack
    Sand 49r/stack
    Sandstone 159r/stack
    Glass 104r/stack
  6. Yow, I would lower your prices a bit, because I know a bunch of malls that sell cheaper. Just saying, if you want my business. :)
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  7. Yeah, you should probably lower your prices. Sand goes for 15r a stack when in bulk, sandstone for 70r a stack, cobble a mere 20, and glass about 25-30.
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  8. Where can I buy it for those prices?
  9. Supply companies on the forums, various specialty shops across the servers.
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