Sand Man Supplier

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  1. Hey everyone, I am bringing a excellent business to Empire Minecraft.

    I am bringing the community very cheap sand.
    For me, sand is a easy obtainable block that I enjoy gathering.

    Prices: Single Chest- 1,000r
    Double Chest- 2,000r

    Note: If anyone needs over 10 double chests, please pm your order

    Order Form:
    Quantity: SC/DC/Custom order
    Deadline: For example : "ASAP, "Whenever"

    Pick-up is on smp1 #1954
    (I will deliver if requested)

  2. I'd like 2 DCs
    Deadline: ASAP
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  3. You're order will be done in 30 minutes
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  4. Your order is done. Please pay 4k and pick up :)
  5. Quantity: 1 DC
    Deadline: ASAP
    Pickup from your res with a player shop.
    Thanks :)
  6. Order Ready. Pay 2k and pick up :)
  7. Player shop please :)
  8. Ready
  9. It's ready for pick up.