samsimx's Mob Arena! 5 PM EMC Time - 11/2/14

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  1. - MOB ARENA -

    Welcome all to samsimx's official Mob Arena! :)

    Some of you may know the relationship mob arena and I have, so expect there to be lots of fun.

    A total of four rounds will be held. We will be starting at 5 PM EMC time, do /time in-game to find out.

    -Normal Round, Gear Allowed Round-
    (Winner will get access to winner's room)
    -No Items, No Buffs Round-
    (Winner will get access to winner's room)
    -Normal Round, Gear Allowed Round-
    (Winner will get access to winner's room)
    -No Item, No Buffs, "Mega" Death Round-
    (Winner will get access to winner's room + any additional prizes)

    Remember to have fun and don't complain. :)

    /v mobarena to get there
  2. Mwhahaha >: D
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  3. Woot, this'll be fun! :D Thanks, samsimx! :D
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  4. :oops: can't come, hope you all have fun
  5. This only had to come over time, I sadly can't attend this due to the time. But best of luck everyone and enjoy it Sam :)
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  6. Sam is this going to be every week?
  7. Are you taking donations for a rupee prize ? if so i will donate some ..:)
  8. Will try to do a weekly one, but nothing set in stone yet.
    You can donate for the 4th round if you wish, please wait until then though. :)
  9. Can't wait!:D
  10. 12th ;)
    So hey, party much? XD
    Mebbe make a protection four sharpness Five sword zombie that will wreck everyone in the arena.
    Maybe even add resistance on it for the extra luls ^-^
  11. Will be there :)
  12. It started an hour ago.
  13. That was awesome!
  14. Oh..
  15. Hope to do this again sometime! :) Thanks to everyone who made the starting rupee pool of 25k turn into a huge 160k!
  16. Sure was fun (i lost another mob arena) hope to see more mob arenas soon.
  17. Bump for tonight. About 45 minutes until we are starting!
  18. SHOOT! I missed it!