Samsimx co. Stone / Cobblestone for sale!

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  1. Hello all! I just got message from HQ that if you need stone or cobblestone I will now be selling in bulk! So if you need stone or cobblestone, you can comment below or pm me with these requirements!

    - Must purchase at least 1 or more Double Chests of the product at once. Limit being at 5 Double chests per order unless you would like to personalize your order.
    - I will need your res number and what server the res is on.
    - Must give me the time or around the time you'd like the delivery as I cannot guarantee depends on how fast I can mine.
    - Currently there is no set price for a certain amount just because I am not definite on how long it will take me or if you order in bulk a discount can be given. So please give an offer or how much money you'd like to spend.

    If you have any questions or are confused concerning anything about this please ask or give feedback. Thank you.
  2. bump? no one wants stone?
  3. I do, but without an idea of the prices, it's hard to make an order :(
  4. I honestly have no idea of stone / cobblestone prices nowadays thats why i was just going to kind of go with whatever people offered...
  5. I'd be buying to stock my shop, and I usually buy by the stack for 20r. If you can match or beat that, I'd buy a lot.
  6. Yeah I could match the 20r a stack. Just send me a pm of everything you want and all that stuff :)