Samrawcliffe thead.... Of epic art!!

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  1. For my first art I drew the meagle from 5 nights of Freds 2.

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  2. Shouldn't you be studying your Spanish?
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  3. I am already the most bueno de spanish... Me gusto peperonio...tambĂ­en la pizza.. Ok I used google translate for that one but I really am the best!

    For my second art, I drew samsimx giving me 2 billion rupees!

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  4. sorry for the not as awesome photo quality but the lights at my school... well lets just say they're better then the ones i have at my house...

    as im sure many know samsimx is a good friend of mine... so when i asked him what to draw and he told me to draw mafia jinx... i didnt know what it was but i knew it was a good idea... this drawing was really good in real life but i just dont got any rooms in my house where i got good lighting...

    for my third art, i present.. mafia jinx
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