Sam3984's 500 day party!!!

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Are you coming???

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  1. So a good friend of mine on EMC (sam3984) has her 500th day coming up and I have created a party for her! The party will consist of a small fire floor, a luck game where you pick a chest and you get whatever is in it, mine craft trivia, and some parcore! My only concern is attendance, post below if you will come because only a set amount of people can come. The party will be held soon! June 14! 1 week before her actual 500th day. (This is to keep it a suprise ;) don't tell Sam) I am hoping to have it start at 6 PM EMC time (eastern time) at /v 7180.

    There are rupee prizes and Promo prizes if you win the games :)
  2. Reserved Spot to say if party has enough people to have a party
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