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  1. Hi. I'm Markalo. I break things. I make things. I tinker with just about every aspect I can get my greedy little hands on within the games that I enjoy. People scare me more than creepers. I am currently traveling a lot so I tend to be on somewhat spontaneously, but this has become my latest addiction as I dash back and forth across the South-Midwest United States. I reside on SMP4, where I am currently building this lodge-esque... thing. This is my first real attempt at a large building, which I didn't plan in the slightest, except for visualizing kinda what I wanted. I am generally helpful if you need information or assistance as long as you ask nicely or make me laugh.

    I am also very funny.
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  2. Welcome aboard man, this is an epic train :D I will see you in around ten days as I am going on holiday :)

    Happy mining :)