[Sale] Enchanted Diamond Pickaxes

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  1. Since I was set up a shop for my enchanted Diamond Pickaxes, this will just be for sale.
    The Pickaxes are:
    {1}Fortune I with Unbreaking III - 1.5k
    {2} Efficiency III - 100r
    {2} Silk touch I with Efficiency IV - 8.5k
    If you are wanting to buy any of these pick's replay via this thread.
    I am also willing to negotiate with prices if you fell they are unfair. ALL PICKS ARE UNUSED.

    - zSlumDog :)
  2. I want a efficiency 3, but dont have enough rupees. Can you hold on to one of them untill tomorrow?
  3. Sure thing, BTW when do you get your daily rupees bonus
  4. I'll buy the efficiency 3 for 100r. Let me know when and where to pick it up.
  5. Sure thing SMP1 right now.
  6. I'll buy the efficiency 3 for 200r then if u r dont reserve it for bitmonger
  7. Soz its reserved for him, but you still can buy 1 for 100r
  8. I will be on in the morning (gmt) It might be easier if u could set up a sell shop at ur res and tell me ur res num. I will pick it up first thing tomorrow.
  9. Oh lol my bad, theres 2 :p
  10. sure thing, res: 2132
  11. Thanks, eff 3 is great for mining obsidian. :)
  12. I just found my diamond pick, can I pay 40 r for you to enchant it?
  13. What lvl?
  14. Btw I have got a fortune II eff III unbreak III diamond pick as well as a silktouch I pick I would like to sell. Are you interested in buying? If not what price would you give these picks?
  15. *Updated again* now only 1 silk touch left and the Fortune I with Unbreaking III
  16. how much is the silk touch? ill pay you 3k :( im not that rich
    You got any efficiency's left?
  17. I'm sorry, unfortunately i'm not willing to go that low, fill free to buy the fortune pick instead.
  18. i asked do you have any efficiency left?
  19. How much is the fortune?
    oh btw im on smp2 can you give it to me there i dont want to use the vault :p