[Sale] EMC's Brand New Mega Mall

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  1. Hi guys!! Today, I decided to talk about some exciting stuff! First of all, I'd like to thank our 2 new donors who donated twice!! lovely_gurly, and my brother, mcbear10. They're donors because they donated twice to my Mega Mall! Huge shout out to them :D!! Anyways, as you all know, I'm having a sale at my Mega Mall!! The sale is 4 heads. Theres only a few in stock, come get them while you can!! If you'd like 1 of each, hurry now!! Anyways, to get these heads, do /smp2, then /v +HKRoMM. Or, /v HelloKittyRo-3; either one is fine. Anyways, They cost 50-60R. They're cheap, like me!! Anyways I hope you like them, and also, for an update, 1 section is completely finished! Come check it out! Hope you're having a nice day:D
  2. Do you wanna be a donor? Well donate 2 times or more to my mega Mall and you are!! (Will say on your Donation Wall Plack you donated 2+ times.)
  3. Remeber bump only every 3 hours and don't double post ;)
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  4. ok:)
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  5. i went to check out your mall

    only 1 of your teleports work, and there is pretty much nothing in stock. also your tp buttons dont work

    I would recommend making sure your mall is finished before promoting it. premature promotion is the easiest way for your mall to get a bad reputation and lose future custom.

    I would also be careful about calling a shop a mall

    good luck
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