Sale: Diamond Pickaxe - Silktouch I Eff IV

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  1. As it says in the topic this is a sale:
    unused diamond pickaxe: Silk Touch I Eff IV
    rely if u r interested and we would settle a cost
  2. id take it but it depends if you lower the cost by a little since i have 2 stacks of iron and hath of gold and 5 stacks of redstone id trake this and about 8000r to 10000r mabe more
  3. 1ok and deal
  4. ok deal meet me on smp1 or 5 i live on 5 tho ps tell me when you do it
  5. I'd offer more :p
  6. 128 iron 32 gold and 5 stacks of redstone and 3 dimounds plus 10000 sould good dog
  7. soz dream but it was a deal
    Better luck next time :p
  8. yup just great ive got skool so ill be on later