[Sale] Diamond Pickaxe: Eff IV

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  1. As stated in the title this is a sale for a Diamond Pickaxe Eff IV.
    If you are willing and able to buy this, please stat a price and we will negotiate if needed.
  2. Guys this is not an auction :confused:
    I was looking around 2k +. unused btw
  3. lol zabriel on smp3 sell eff IV unbrk III for 1.75k
  4. Ill give u 1.5k
  5. ya i knew you wouldnt take my offer jk but i cant buy a enchanted pick im poor
  6. Deal
  7. really??
  8. I don't joke around
  9. I am selling one at my res on smp9 only 1200r. I am also selling a wide variety of other picks and a sword or two at res 18461.
  10. Trying to steal my customers a :D