Salad Fingers is Back!

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  1. Hi there... look, this video, and tell me how do you fill?¿...

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  2. Is it nope or open
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  3. About time Salad Fingers comes back... be awhile ...
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  4. starts with n ends with e.
  5. I waited so much for this :D
  6. Oh lord, I should not have watched this wearing headphones, sounds like he's whispering right in my ear... 0_0
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  7. Because he's right behind you.
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  8. Watched this for a few seconds. I'm a bit confused.
  9. dat guy in the BBQ apron is just so chill :cool:
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  10. I watched up to the doctor and the horse. Closed the window because I saw where this was going.
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  11. Where? He has a very pleasant evening. :D
    Some of the earlier ones are much weirder actually, I'd say.
  12. Go and watch more salad finger videos :DD:
  13. The part where the doctor puppet turns into a bunch of death knives and attacks the random horse.

    I can't imagine it getting much weirder.
  14. I... I don't know what this is, and I have no desire to know.
  15. Here is one of my favorite videos :D