[SAIL 2015] Any sail fanatics out there?

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    Are there any peeps around here who like to go sailing? Or who like huge majestic tall ships and sailboats?

    Once every 5 years there's a huge even in The Netherlands called 'Sail'. It's a huge event where ships from all over the world come to Amsterdam to showcase their prowess. I went there today and yesterday and made some pictures :D

    Hope you like 'em!

  2. Wow, there's some massive and very impressive ships there! Nice photos, Tim! :D
  3. Yeah, my dad got into it after my parents split, so much of my time with him was spent on the lake. We had a 22 footer that would comfortably bunk no one. We took out the kitchen in favor of more storage, because we mostly day sailed, and cooked on a sterno stove when needed. I also have spent many enjoyable hours swimming around a capsized Sunfish. Once, I unintentionally jibed, and the boom hit me in the chest hard enough to break a buckle on my PFD and throw me out of the boat. Fun times.
  4. Theyre from all over the world. And loads of other epic ships that arent on the official list :p
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  5. I'd like to own a ship one day, and just sail around aimlessly :D
  6. I guess I am a little bit of a sailing and yachting fanatic, but looking at my shoe choices, I don't know..

  7. Try not to wear shoes on the boat. Less scuffing.
  8. The top-siders don't scuf, with the way that the sole is made.
  9. eclips have you got any of hte boat you were on?
  10. Unfortunately the queues in to get onto/into the ships were so long that I didn't attempt to get in. Some were 2hours long x_x

    Maybe in 5 years :p
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  11. Okay, to be honest, you can't NOT like boats where I live. There's a reason Annapolis is called "Boattown" around here. (And crabtown, but that's irrelevant).

    I can't go a day of my life without seeing multiple boats.

    Heck, from Main Street here you can see a dozen yachts along with plenty of sail boats. We're also a checkpoint for some famous sailboat race that stops here every year. I don't have any pictures but next time I walk down to downtown I will be sure to take some!
  12. If you want some sort of pride in where you come from and are from Liverpool, you have to love boats. We were once the biggest port in the British Empire and the world until less than a hundred years ago, we still contribute a ton to the British economy (the fastest growing economy in the EU and the fourth largest in the world <3) through our maritime industry (which is a big reason why our economy does so well), and we have dozens of museums dedicated to boats and ships (and The Beatles) :p

    The most recent ship thing I was interested in was the meeting of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Queen Victoria, and the HMS Queen Elizabeth II (at least, I think that's what those ships are called...) on the River Mersey (so... Liverpool again lel) a few months ago. It was the first time those ships had ever met and been in the same place. I was more interested in the fact that the Red Arrows (a bunch of RAF pilots get in RAF jets and fly around with red stuff coming off them) were there. I didn't attend, but the footage was cool :p

    I've also expressed a desire to just go sail across the Atlantic one day, but I'd never be able to stay away from electronics or the internet that long.