Safe Haven Cafe and Inn (Kyra_XO)

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  1. It gets pretty wild on the Frontier! Especially after dark, when you haven't quite found the right place to build your home base. And if you don't fancy sleeping in a make-shift dirt home for the night, come on by the Safe Haven Cafe and Inn! Warm food, warm beds, and a warm welcome are waiting for any and all Frontier travelers.

    Safe Haven Cafe and Inn is owned by Player Kyra_XO.
    It is located on Smp4, at approx. -872, 423.
    Construction begins today (Tues, Nov. 11th, 2014).
    Once construction is complete, any and all players are welcome to dine or stay the night (provided they follow the following rules);


    -All EMC rules and guidelines must be followed.
    -This is not a personal residence! You're welcome to stay for a night or two, if needed, but please don't live at the Inn.
    -Food and Drink are available for sale, but please don't abuse it. (ex. don't buy full stacks of food please. Just what you need.)
    -If a drink is purchased, please return the bucket it comes in to the designated chest/hopper.
    -If you want to build something around the Inn, please post a request here. I don't mind, as long as it doesn't interfere with whats already there =)
    -If you'd like to work at the Inn (extra rupee's are always nice, right?), post a request here and I will message you with the details.


    *Kyra_XO (Owner)


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  2. This is a beautiful Inn, with a great view :) Thanks for having it!

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