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  1. Hey everyone! So first a little backstory here. When Yallquit and I joined EMC about 2 weeks ago, we didn't really have a plan or know if it was a server we were going to stick around on, had to test it out and everything you know how it is.

    With Yallquit being super busy with school and changing jobs and now moving, he hasn't been as active as he would like to. But because of that we were never able to really get a plan of what we wanted to do, or how far we wanted to go.

    Now that we have been apart of this community for around 2 weeks, we know that we won't be going anywhere, we are here to stay and in it for the long haul. We realized last night that the house I had built just doesn't fit into the plan at all. There is no possible way to make it work, and such we have to get rid of it.

    Even though I paid 100k rupees to move it, it's got to be destroyed. But instead of breaking it down myself or just resetting the plot I got the idea to let the community do it. This is where the event comes in, everyone has build rights on the plot (11060 - SMP5) go and take part in griefing it and destroying it.

    The house is made up of about 30+ stacks of Quartz, no idea how much wool and other supplies, but it's a lot. What ever you break off you can keep or just donate back either way. :)

    So head over to 11060 and break this place down! Don't be to greedy, let others have a chance too. :)

    Here is a screenshot of the house to forever remember it:
  2. Aww. I am sorry to hear about that. It was a beautiful house :(
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  3. Auw I love the design. aand I'm not home ( :
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  4. Thank you, I got a few bits and pieces and made you a donation :)
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  5. I saw that, thank you! :)
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  6. Looks like the event is over?
    Thats the fun of it though, starting so fresh and so clean!
  7. I am sad to see it go, but excited to see what you build next! Thanks for a fun morning!
  8. Yeah everything has been destroyed and the plot is reset now. :)

    Thanks for everyone who took part it was fun!