[S] Stacks of Blaze Rods

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  1. Okay so I have acquired a lot of Blaze Rods over my travels and it's time to sell them.
    400r a stack. :)
  2. Ill buy one. When and where can you get online?
  3. SMP5 and i'm online right now :).
  4. Be right there.
  5. put 31 stacks in a buy chest at spawn on my res on smp5!
  6. 3k in the hole. Why did i even buy them, lol?
  7. i realized that i did my math horribly wrong lol, i'm refunding you for the difference and i'm very apologeticm of my mistake. :) 1,016 rupees have been refunded as of 10:46 on May 7th 2012
  8. Blaze rods are worth about 20r each.....
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  9. okay, i refunded him 1584r more and lowered my prices to 400r per stack.
  10. There's a few shops that sell them for under 10r. ( down to 5r ).
  11. Does anyone have a shop that buys blaze rods?
  12. Thank you! I didn't do my math either. Id be happy to buy some more if i find a suitable use for them.
  13. my store is selling them for 6r per rod.
  14. big frown xD
  15. anytime sir, i understand that times are rough in the empire ;P and i like to be fair. please let me know if i can help you with some other deals, as you deserve to be refunded more for the mistake i made.
  16. Times are rough. I advertise all the time on SMP3 where youd think people would know about prices, AND I halve my prices from other store, yet I only get about 2 visitors a day and only one usually buys something. All the influx of new players is ruining the economy, I mean, I have the best wood prices on the empire at 15r for a stack of planks and yet I get little customers. Everyone is lazy, and they want things handed to them.
  17. smp3 you say? .-. do you happen to have oak logs..?
  18. I dont, actually. I was stocking them and hired someone to cut them down, and he never logged back on, stole stacks of logs. I can whip up a few stacks if you want. Logs or planks, and how many?
  19. i'll pm you :).

  20. still have 30 stacks left!