S.S.R.C [Southern Smp2 Redevelopment Corporation]

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  1. Welcome To S.S.R.C's NEW Thread!

    About us: We are a Construction company based in Smp2 with our HQ being 3659. We are over two years old and have 30+ members, a mall, a hotel, and many public works. We strive to help out people anyway we can and we Encourage people to contact us if they ever need help.

    Building Service: We can build anything from a simple house to a full res's Skyscraper for a low discounted price. However, SSRC, due to such large demand, Only accepts Contracts at certain times. I will post in this thread, when Contracts are being taken.

    *The prices for our building service range depending on the size and the materials. However, please you common sense when planning to order building services. If you are looking for a full res skyscraper expect to pay 100k+

    Mall: located at 3655 we try our best to keep our mall in stock. With low prices like 52r for a diamond we try our best to provide for our customers. If something is in stock or you'd like to order something in Bulk, Contact me in game.

    Hotel: Our hotel is located at 3767 and is called the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Our rooms are backed with a guaranteed satisfaction or a week's is free. We have 3 types of rooms and their prices are.......

    • Economy Rooms - (Smallest) 375r a week, 1500r for a month, 6,500r for life
    • Large Suites - (Medium) 400r a week, 2,000r for a month, 10,000r for life
    • Corner Penthouses - (Largest) 500r a week, 5,000r for a month, 20,000 for life
    *Due note rooms are limited and not all are complete so rooms might not be available. I will post when new one's are completed.
    *In addition the Hotel pool does host parties for 100r a Real life day, and so does our Ballroom at 200r a Real life day
    To visit the pool use the teleport pad in the lobby to the left of the main desk
    To visit the Ballroom type /v 3767 ballroom

    Public Works: Our public works projects are Res's SSRC builds for the public's use with no monetary gain. These structures would include parks, railroads, and and arena's.

    Public works planned:
    1. Colosseum Styled Spleef arena
    2. Subway Terminal at 3768
    3. Subway lines running from 3655 to over 12 other res's
    4. More parks
    Completed Public Works:
    1. Park at 3766
    *Public Works are payed out of pocket from SSRC and donations help us provide for you low cost services.

    Games and Events: SSRC hosts many games and events from Drop Parties to Game shows we give out numerous cash prizes. Including Monday night Jeopardy on SMP2 at 9:30 pm EST. With cash prizes of up to 10k for answering correct trivia.

    SSRC does Advertise for your support in our games and events.

    Special Thanks to Kevdudeman for supporting Monday night Jeopardy this week (6/29/14)

    We will post pictures of our progress for our donators to show that their money is going to good use!

    SSRC [ Here to serve, and always building tomorrow!] -SSRC Motto

    How to Join SSRC.... (FAQ)
    How does SSRC membership work?
    • SSRC provides for it's members, free building supplies and advise along with free building service. In return members help SSRC expand, build, and grow.
    What else do I get from being a member?
    • As a member you get a Seat in SSRC's Congressional Hall were you get to let your voice be heard. (dates of congressional meetings will be determined at a later date) You also get free housing at SSRC's HQ and an office.
    Ok, Where do i sign up?
    • SSRC takes applications through conversations on Emc's Website, Contact me directly with why you want to join, what server are you on, and how can SSRC help you grow. DO NOT post that you want to join on this thread it is strictly for SSRC news and updates.
    SSRC is committed to helping it's members and the community grow. If you have any questions please message me on the site.
    Map of SSRC SMP2.png
  2. Thought I would post this, This is where SSRC started me orginal residence and the Millenium tower panorama1.png
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  3. This is an even earlier image with just the hotel, My first project :) Ep smp2.png
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  4. The Original SSRC Head Quarters. Overall.jpg
    The Original HQ and Hotel during the Middle of the Second Era of SSRC power and might.png
    Nowadays, the Third Era of SSRC SSRC Alley row.png
    HQ during first Era HQ.png
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  5. will be coming out with a video timeline of SSRC that will include all of SSRC's History in a 12 minute video.
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    SSRC station 2.png
    SSRC subway.png SSRC station 3.png
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  7. Wwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnndddddddyyyyyy!!!!!!!! :) Congrats, SSRC is a big deal on Smp2
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  8. Thank you very much for your support SSRC couldn't survive with out SMP2's Amazing community and loving support!
  9. So just a question: I understand you guys design and build. But do you guys build predesigned buildings?
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  10. we can, all of our designs are original and I don't ever repeat a design. So If you order from us you are guranteed something that no one else will have and is unique!
  11. What I meant to ask is: If I were to PM you a world download of a design I built could you in turn build it in EMC?
    SSRC's Division 8 headquarters is scheduled to be completed and fully operational by 8/28/14 at the latest. We would like to thank the amazing community of SMP8 for welcoming us with open arms, and to all of those who helped us along the way.

    Also In further News......
    Huckleberry24 and Bringmeacloud have been Appointed as
    CEO and Assistant CEO of SSRC's Division 8 Headquarters.

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  13. SSRC's NEW Headquarters on SMP8
    HQ on SMP8.png
  14. Yes we sure could!