[S] Quartz Ore

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  1. Res 732, 1200r a stack.

  2. V
    Very expensive.
  3. margaritte said she sells it at 2k a stack, so why cant I?
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  4. I sell it just a little under.
    It's not expensive at all for what the price is right now.
  5. what do you price yours?
  6. Bump!
    Chnged price!
  7. Just saying... Alexchance sells it for 256 a stack.
  8. The prices change alot while he's asleep (Silly Australian)
    It was really low when he was on. And than got really high today.
  9. 2 1/2 stacks in stock still!
  10. Bump! Added more!
  11. 3 stacks left ;)
  12. Price changed :/