[S] Double chests of glass

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  1. 5,500 Rupees per double chest
    (Max of 3 double chests at this current time)

    Collection will be at /V Joshposh70 SMP3 after placing an order

    Current stock
    3 Double chests
  2. Bump, More in stock
  3. I request a Double Chest of Glass Please ^_^
  4. Chest will be set up for you on SMP3 when you pay.
  5. Dang this was fast :O I'll pay after dinner ^_^
  6. Sorry about my Lack of payment I'll pay tomorrow at 12pm Eastern Standard time which is the time I'm online.
  7. I paid, Sorry its so late, I've been pretty busy with life. I paid extra cause I want another Chest so thats 2 DCs please ^_^
  8. Chest's set up /v joshposh70 on SMP3
  9. I'd like to order 3 Double chests please. :)
  10. Chests will be set up once I receive payment :)
  11. Payment sent. :)
  12. Paid and picked up.
  13. ill take a dc. ill pay and pick up afpter school tomorrow
  14. Are you still selling? If so, I would like to buy another double chest. :)
  15. He has been off 16 days last i checked, ill send you info on what i could do though.
  16. I've been taking a break due to exams and stuff, I probably have another double chest lying around if you want to buy that.
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  17. Be in no hurry, I'll send the payment your way. Set me up an access chest whenever your schedule allows it. :)
  18. Set the chest up a /v joshposh70
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