Ruthless Enforcement of No Caps Rule/Zero Tolerance?

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Is a Zero Tolerance CAPS policy a good thing for the Empire

no capitol letters or words should ever be tolerated. Ever. 2 vote(s) 8.3%
players should be required to rip their caps buttons off keyboards 6 vote(s) 25.0%
One message in caps stating urgency or accident is acceptable. no more. 16 vote(s) 66.7%
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  1. Dwight, I nominate you for EMC Emperor. A true god amongst us mortal players. LOL Bravo!
  2. I'm sitting here laughing my butt off at your comments on this whole situation. It's funny cuz Kimber is dead serious about this and you go and find a whole page on grammar, bold some text, and just the sheer stuff you say. Then you go and congratulate Dwight. omg
  3. This whole situation reminds me of the ridiculousness of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation video.
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  4. EMC Emperor
    Do what.jpg
    Do What ?

    and topdawg yea your right
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  5. Just want to point out that this a reference to a kick I made. I enjoy the fact that TheKimber1911 has decided to exclude the full detail of the situation. Which is fine, because even though I clearly explained it to him in game so there was no confusion, I will happily explain it here again.

    On SMP9 minutes before the player TheKimber1911 was kicked, there was an unleashing of massive amounts of spam and caps. It was to a point where four moderators were on watching the chat to insure it was taken care of, even this did not prevent further rule breaking. In times of extreme disarray, the moderation team some times takes a stance to do a full server "Verbal Warning" for minor infractions that we usually use one for. Such as, spam, caps, etc.

    Which is what we did. The warning was, "Last warning on caps for everyone, any further violations will be punished."

    Now, that being said, I do know that TheKimber was not logged in at the time of that message, but only after the fact. I told the player in game that the global warning had been issued minutes before his login and was sorry that he fell under it while he was not on. But that was just the luck of the draw.

    Now, the player is making quite a big deal out of something that I do not believe should have been blown up so much. There was also a scene in game which I will happily quote full of wonderful off color sarcastic remarks. But that is below me and not needed to prove the point.

    I am only replying to this because as a community you should know the full situation of what was going on, not just this random rant that holds no water to the actual situation because of its vagueness. Its all cleared up now, and I hope you guys enjoy this thread :)
  6. Superdog, you clearly missed the point of the post. The post is regarding if a zero tolerance policy is truly the best thing for the Empire. Clearly your vote is yes. I do not have to agree with your opinion to respect your right to your opinion, and the same should be true for the overwhelming majority that have agreed with me and voted that a zero tolerance policy is HARMFUL to the Empire community. I am also wondering why the police sometimes drop the speed on speeding tickets to drivers, and plea deals are given to first time offenders. Maybe ruthless enforcement of the law has a negative affect on the community. And that is the purpose of my post.
  7. You are pleading so much about first time offenses. Yet, you seem to base so much about the entire rule set off of one situation. Just because it was one time that you got in a minor infraction and it resulted in a punishment that had absolutely no affect on how you play the game (at least not like a tempban or permaban would have done) you have decided that the moderation team (or maybe the whole thing is aimed at me), is too strict. The EMC Rule Enforcement survey would beg to differ with your belief. More players complain about minor infractions of Spam and caps ruining their gameplay than those that complain about getting in trouble for them.

    I am sorry that the whole situation has obviously shed a dim light on your world. Sorry that because you had to not play for 2 seconds and that ruined your day to the point to create a thread about your disdain. You have your right for that. No one here is going to say you can not openly complain about the rules. However, you have very little evidence based on nearly nothing except your one kick that has upset you toward your cause. Even then, that makes you a biased party to the situation, so it does not even count. If everyone who thought a rule was unfair because they got punished for it, had that rule changed, then there would be none. You are complaining about over enforcing. Yet, it only seems you feel this way because in this situation the enforcement was aimed at you.
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  8. There is a simple solution for those that don't type by touch (and instead look at the keyboard). Don't press Enter. Place your finger over the enter key and look at the screen. If it looks good, hit it. Problem solved. :)
  9. Good point. We could also learn to type and never make a mistake. Problem solved.
  10. Please let me apologize once again ISMOOCH. I did in fact submit one message in town chat in all caps accidentally. You kicked me for the offense, and it is a rule not to post in all caps, and I accept my punishment. I am sorry.

    Now that is over, I, and a few others would like to see the public opinion on if the occasional caps are a problem or if the problem is with those who post in all caps all the time. I voted occasional caps do not bother me. I do not make the rules, I will do my very best to follow them. It is interesting to see what the public opinion is though. Maybe through all this we find out people are not bothered by occasional caps and the mods do not have to be bothered with them. Maybe not.
  11. Significantly.
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  12. Think of it this way, do you want a few harmless words in caps?
    Or a whole bunch on people saying "No caps!"?
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  13. There's really a thread because someone was kicked for caps? Reminds me of when the news puts on stories about some ladies cat because they don't really have real news that night.

    Sorry, you broke a rule, intentional or not. You were kicked, which is like a slap on the wrist as a reminder for you and others. Life goes on from here. :)
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