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  1. Hello fellow minecrafters
    Just wondering how I can earn rupees, how much do u get daily and how can I earn a load of more money.

  2. You can earn money by:

    -Logging in once every new day. (As a regular member, you earn 100 rupees. You can earn more by donating :))


    -Setting up a shop with nice things at competitive prices.
  3. or selling to shops, such as the Player Market at /v 3955, me and my crew are working on it to sell and buy every item, and we are all investing everything we have into it :D be sure to stop by sometime
  4. A little redundant at the end their Justin ;D I'll blame that on the hard work you are putting in here though :p
  5. lol you got me
  6. :eek: justin cant fail at grammar o.o, hes...JUSTIN... who are you and what have you done with our leader?! D:<! the empire will rain upon you like legos on a psp.
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  7. playstation portable?

    or did you mean pcp? :p
  8. I was gunna say duplo's but i dont think anyone here would remeber them :p, their the giant legos