Rupees, why i hate them.

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Do you bulk sell?

YES 14 vote(s) 43.8%
nope 17 vote(s) 53.1%
maybe..... 1 vote(s) 3.1%
  1. Dont you hate it when someone sells you bunches of stuff? Like bulk ore, tools? Well i do and i just got drained 10kst get them back, i hope whoever sold me all of that junk i hope i csn sell it back to them.

    This is a thread to express YOUR feelings about bulk sellers, and if you like or love them.

    Yea its my fault kind of, i didnt fill them with dirt. But the dude or girl sold me A single chest full of swords, picks, axes, shovels, and spade! All diamond!
  2. I like to bulk sell from my shop and also like buying in bulk but I can understand how frusturating this must be considering its your shop boult theirs... Technically they didnt do anything wrong though so it only your fault.
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  3. I once loved rupees, saved alot of them up to around 650k. However we had an argument since I loved exp more than rupees. As a result, I went on a rupee spending spree and have around 125k left.

    In conclusion, I don't like rupees anymore.
  4. In fact, I would like to have as many bulk sellers as possible. Why, you ask? Because if I have enough supplies I can always keep selling stuff. Some supplies really go fast and if someone bulksells me, i can only be happy.
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  5. More of a Yes than YES...
  6. But when your a guy like me, rich as dirt, its hard to stock up. And i was saving those rupees. I filled MOST of my chest with dirt so nobody can bulk sell to meh. I will remove the dirt once i reach 100k. ( five hundred years )
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  7. I love bulk sellers... Sometimes I just don't get enough. You should tell YOUR bulk sellers to go to 10030 SMP5. I need bulk sellers :)
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  8. I will, :p
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  9. You still have the Rupees in the form of diamond tools and will eventually sell them for a profit. If you didn't want to broker them, you shouldn't have put up the chest, or shouldn't have set your shop sign as you did.

    Sounds like you want the benefits of a shop, but don't want to be held responsible for what happens there. Maybe you should try supplying other shops. Then you'll have better control of who sells/buys what, when and for how much.
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  10. I didn't like rupees before it was popular. Just felt I needed to say that.
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  11. for me a masive spinding spree is 1000r
  12. I love all bulk sellers
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  13. I love bulk selling but I was always do it to the same shop that I bulk buy from.
  14. Aren't you a pig?

    Agreed. If you've got the spots in your chest available, you can't blame someone for stocking your chests. Eventually (or quickly) you will sell whatever item they sold you and turn a profit. That's what shops that buy items are for, you want people to sell to you. Otherwise just stock a shop and only sell items.
  15. Well I got sold heaps of diamonds 26 stacks and 9 stacks of ores (diamond) I think i lost close to 104k
  16. That's why you put dirt in your chests. You'll also eventually sell those diamonds, it's not like they sold you stone tools.

    In fact, I just might be in the market for 26 stacks of diamonds. PM me.
  17. Bulk sellers are like toppings on a cake, it's not needed but it's much better with them.
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  18. Unless you're throwing the things you buy into lava, I don't understand how someone selling things to a chest equals losing rupees.
  19. Exactly. It is simply switching your capital from items to rupees.
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  20. I took away someone selling me ores because i dont like them.