Rupees: Pay with Purpose

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  1. I propose a new attribute in the /rupees command. When paying a player, there should be an attribute that allows us to include the reason for the payment so it's clear in our Rupees History why we got the money.

    Suggested format:
    /rupees pay <username> <amount> <reason>
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  2. I don't really know about this. You could add it but make it so that you don't have to give a reason. I don't really see this as a feature anyone would use much. I wouldn't use it much.
  3. I see no point in this as the player paying could just start a conversation or PM the player receiving the rupees...
  4. I like this idea, and i agree with mba that you should be able to choose if you want to add a reason or not.
  5. I think it would be a useful tool when paired with the rupee history page. It would mostly be a "note to self" - it would be too easy to abuse if it were considered official (meaning mods use the description when investigating stealing, etc.). Other than coding difficulties, I can't really think of a reason not to include this.
  6. Of course the reason would be optional.

    The most use this would get (or biggest purpose it would serve) would be for people who do a lot of selling without using shop signs. This includes auctioning, both on and off the forums as well as sales of services, loans, profit sharing in a business, etc. There are lots of reasons this would be useful. Just recently, I was paid in advance (by proxy via business partner) for a service, then the customer changed their mind and wanted a refund. I had a difficult time tracking down the payment (to prove receipt of such) in my rupees history, as the transaction had transpired more than a week prior. (I eventually found it and made the refund)

    I would like to see this added as an option. Making it mandatory would be silly. But being able to add a reason right at the moment of the transaction makes it so that you don't have to "un-full-screen" the game, load the EMC website, find the person's profile and then start a conversation. And when looking for a transaction in one's history, what if there are several payments from the same person for the same amount? Having the option to list a purpose would make things much easier.
  7. Why take 2 steps, when the same can be done in 1?
  8. i like it.... kind of like the report option has a reason section i support this
  9. It is an interesting idea. I would prefer the dragon tombs and wastelands get out first. And the shop update, don't forget about that.
  10. I like the concept, however I don't know how much it will be used.
  11. i'd use it constantly, easier to determine which of my purchases or sales goes to what project/build.
  12. I remember this suggestion from ages ago, I quite like it.
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  13. Just remember, EMC runs on valve time, we might get tombs tomorrow, or never. You never know.
  14. This was suggested quite a while back and I'm definitely a fan ;) Really hope it get's implemented, I would use it quite a lot :D
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