Rupees History Filtering

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by d1223m, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Could we have some options to filter our rupees history? Im thinking something like:
    * all
    * shop sale
    * shop buy
    * manual payment
    * (search by player?)

    At the moment looking through the history is a bit of a PITA.
  2. This would be a very cool and useful option to have!

    I suspect this is something Justin might put on his list of server/website enhancements to make.

    However I also suspect that list is already very long, so, while information filtering like this would rock, I wouldn't hold my breath... cause it could be a while (and I'd turn all blue in the face, pass out, and wake up feeling terrible, lol).

    Excellent suggestion d1233m! :)
  3. If its just PHP ( it looks like it from the forum software site ) I could probably make the changes myself if Justin gave me the current source for the rupees part of the site... Iv not done PHP in a long time ( about 6 years! ) but I am a full time web programmer so it wouldnt be too hard if its just a bit of HTML, PHP and MySQL.
  4. you could even go so far as to have a CSV format of the rupees page then you could import it into your spread sheet and do all sorts of sorting and calculations :)
  5. I have thought about just scraping the pages myself hehe - but I thought Id ask first about this.
  6. I guess it would be best to ask first, but assuming you didn't scrape constantly, it would probably cause less resource usage than actually loading it in your browser as you'd be skipping the images and everything.