Rupees Balance: Aikar

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  1. 캡처.PNG
    A like would be appreciated as this took a lot of re coding(inspect element).
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  2. woulda been alot easier with paint, gimp, or photoshop lol
    also aikars screen does not have become a supporter on it
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  3. I wanted it to be REALLY realistic and I remember hearing that a staff got Become A Supporter on their screen.
  4. well all staff are essentially diamond supporters so it wouldnt show up liek dat
  5. It was almost impossible removing the "Become A Supporter" without placing another ad/picture.
  6. Doing a simple Java edit in the page is even easier! This would take just a few minutes.
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  7. Hey! That's what I did!
  8. If you used Inspect Element though, you did it the hard way.
  9. Easy. Right click a thing that you want to change and do some fancy stuff. I am semi-experienced with HTML, PHP, etc...
  10. You don't need any coding experience to do it the way I do it. Not telling my "secret" though lol.:p