Rupees 4 Service!?

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  1. Hey!

    I saw that i'm really low on rupees (248) So i decided to do jobs for players! If you want something done boring like building walls diggin stuff out farming everything you need!

    Little things: 250r
    Medium things 750r
    Huge things 1k - 10k
    You can contact me in this thread or in a PM

    What do you need?

  2. Feel free to sell all your un-used stuff to /v 4005 on SMP2 :) Also, cutting down trees or mining in /wild and selling that
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  3. Just selling items to shops is a good way of getting rupees. Or you could set up your own shop. If it is well stocked and has good prices then it will most likely be successful. Unless your on smp2 :p
  4. Sell easy to mine/chop items to overly expensive megamalls on SMP 1 such as Logs, Stone and Sand/Sandstone/glass
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