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'DON'T READ THREAD BEFOR ANSWERING' how would you ask for money?

Give me ____r please 2 vote(s) 22.2%
Please donate some rupees to me 2 vote(s) 22.2%
I dont know :D 5 vote(s) 55.6%
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  1. Hiya EMC! Today I did a study with rupees (and will continue) and sometimes when I play EMC I see people asking for 1 rupee. This is stupid but apparently you can hit the big bucks this way. I did this in 3 servers and here are results:
    •smp9 23r
    •smp8 5r
    •smp7 0r
    Now I was studying why this happened and i remembered that in my language class i learnd that if you are specific, you will get better results. For example: a guy asks for 20$, he gets 160$ at the end of the day-but a guy asking for money gets only 15$
    Then that told me that being specific AND cheap can trigger the brain to actually give them rupees.
    So with this theory being specific is better than random.
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  2. Huh.
    That's kind of interesting
    "tries asking for 100 rupees now"
    xD :p
  3. 28r? MAKE IT RAIN!!!!!!

    Begging is against chat rules since our economy is very good. There is always a way to make money (voting, selling to shows, daily login bonus, ect.).
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  4. He got 0r on smp7 because I was the only person in Town that wasn't afk.

    It went like this:
    gabeli joined --> Hey gabeli just joined. I've never seen them on this server before.
    gabeli: can I hav 1r --> Who is he talking to? What's he want 1r for? (Goes back to building.)
    gabeli: ... --> "..." indeed (Continues building.)
    gabeli disconnected
    Me in Town Chat: Was that a test or something?
    Everyone else: (no response)
    Me: (Goes back to building.)

    We have rules about begging. If you had said that you were short 1r to buy something or had some other reason you may have gotten 1r. Not explaining then saying "..." killed the deal though.

    If you want to be serious about the study you should consider the number of people who were able to respond. You should also consider their motives. Some people may have been trying to be helpful or kind. Some people play games where they pass Rupees back and forth. Some may be give a small amount to be mean or sarcastic. In my case I hesitated because I wanted to know your motives for asking before I decided.
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  5. I reported this thread, suggesting it be removed. Begging is not allowed in EMC. And this thread will only encourage it.

    I do appreciate the behavioral psychology behind it. Human behavior being a hobby of mine. I suggest you adobt this theory towards something that isn't begging. EG. Sell an item for a set price.
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  6. Well I was hoping not to suggest this but it should be allowed if its a donation and as long as its not constant
  7. Interesting study. Yes, I have fallen under the trap of "just one rupee" , and shortly after I give it to him I realize he will probably get half the people on the server to get him a rupee.

    Interesting to say the least.
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  8. Begging and Donations are different things.

    What you did is straight up begging. If you want to ask for donations for a particular 'thing', then go ahead.
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  9. Thanx and I plan to do some more studies in the future
  10. Interesting, this happened to me once. I noticed that I had 4,999 rupees. I put in chat, "I have 4,999 rupees. SO. CLOSE. I left SMP1 that day with about 5,006 rupees.
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  11. My excuse is its part of a study, if someone on the forum wants their rupee they can have it
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