Rupee Donations

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MEINCRAVTA, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. A lot of players aren't able to play EMC, for banning reasons, or inconvenience. They still support EMC, though, with Supporter options, but they feel like they should cancel if they can't even play with their rupees. I propose rupee donations ON THE FORUMS. This could help temp banned and also some permabanned players to fund community projects and help players in need. It could be in the Rupee section, and you could pay by typing the name, and typing the amount. This would help me, cause I'm banned, fund cool building projects without playing, like twinchicken86's Obsidian Castle.

    (Im not gonna make a poll, because only like 5 people vote, and nobody cares if they do lol.)
    Just say if you're for or against this idea, and comments
  2. I love this idea! Like, if your friend is ban for his own mistakes and he still wants to share his lost wealth! :D Genious.
  3. I'm only banned for a week, looking at saturday on my calendar lol
  4. What you do? :O That blows
  5. This guy dropped his price for wheat to 14r after I said 15r and I raged and started saying how it was unfair and they were pathetic. I changed later that day, but old reports don't disappear LOL
  6. Lol :D Well you have learned your lesson I suppose! Hehe justice, always served xD
  7. ill be waiting with my 4,900 extra rupees when i get back :3