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  1. It would be cool to have a little spot on the front page that showed how many Rupees were in the economy total. Nothing specific to players, just a little box that might look like this.
  2. First Question: Why?
    Yes, Unless it puts a strain in the servers :)
  3. Just seems interesting. What's the point of playing Minecraft in the first place?
  4. To mine and craft?
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  5. Building,Mining,Crafting?
    Or just to complain about how Aikar is for the economy what nuclear weapons is for towns. :)
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  6. In a virtual world, getting absolutely nothing productive done.
    EDIT: NOT the point of this thread.
  7. You wana know how much fake money is in this virtual world...... your argument is invalid.
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  8. It would add the constant pain of adding all the rupees that go into the economy EVERY day. Daily bonuses for supporters/free members. Imagine tracking that.
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  9. 1 - Why? Thats what the game is designed to be. Not focused about how much money someone has (Money isn't even an aspect of it!)
    2 - And you asked.
  10. Yeah, it just has to be over 9 thousand ;)
  11. I think it's interesting. I would be fun to see how much money there is, then compare your own money to it to see how rich you are. SUPPORT
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  12. well didnt they have that rupee leader board before the XP one now? this IS possible and should be done. it lets us know how much aikar has ruined the economy.
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  13. There's these things called rhetorical questions.
    Can't be that hard. The servers already track how many Rupees everybody has, since you can do /r to see. All it has to do is update on the hour the total of everybody's /r count!
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  14. There will be thousands of rupees in the accounts of inactive and or banned players, In some cases there could be millions.
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  15. If you were going to do something like this, I think it would be interesting to also collect statistics from everyone who is playing. I don't know whether it's even possible for the server to collect it from your client, but daily blocks mined, deaths, number of jumps and so forth might be fun to see.
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  16. I think their balance is deleted.
  17. What you saying is, "Aikar I want you to spend countless weekends on another project that will be released before the Dragon Tombs".......... How dare you Pab. JK
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  18. Now that would put a strain on the servers. If it were possible though, full support!
  19. If each player had 50k there would be over two million. There is more than that because leowaste, jennypoo, krysyyjane, alexchance, and many more have 1,000,000+
  20. Well, I started my sentence with "If". If you were going to post total Rupees in circulation, it might be more fun to include things like number of shop transactions and transaction amounts, and player information like number of blocks placed.
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