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  1. now i understand that there was a guy named runescape but im not talkin bout him im taking about the game i would like to know hwo many people play it and what their levels are meet em in g.e. my user is fin 1456.
  2. importerer
    dont remember all my lvls, its been a while, this should also be in the gaming forum section lol.
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  3. rally wanna meet em tomaz or somethin
  4. actuallty like um in an hour
  5. remember i am still lookin for runescape player
  6. just so u guys know i am a member
  7. Can you stop using caps in topic titles please?
  8. k but it was only 2
  9. Quad post. Use the 'Edit' button please. And no need for 3 threads in 1 hour.
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  10. I agree!