Run for Diamonds - Grief Party, bring some shears!

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  1. I'm taking this account into hibernation for the time being and ditching Supporter, and as I have more than one Residence from my days of Diamond, I'm going to open my Utopia gameshow, Run for Diamonds to full perms.

    It's made primarily from wool and is pretty damn big. I did ask if EMC wanted to take it over and turn it into a Community plugin operated thing like the Theme Park and Zoo, etc, but nothing ever came of it. If there's a sudden change of mind in that, let me know.

    All I ask is a nominal sum be paid to gain build rights to rip down the wool. I'll call it 1,000r which is a full days voting.

    I'll try and do it tonight, but if not, tomorrow GMT afternoon.

    Check out the original thread here:

    I've opened the Runner chutes so you can go and have a race through, but obviously the Redstone wont work without me there, so the pistons are all deactivated.

    More details as and when I decide, but if you're interested, then let me know in here.

    Residence is: 5354

    P.S - Yes, there will be Diamond blocks there. :)
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  2. I loved this game D:
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  3. So for 1k You can have build?
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  4. 1k hmmm
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  5. if we pay 1k can we tear down the whole thing?
  6. when's an appropriate time to pay?
  7. I'm going to organise a time tonight probably at about 1800hrs GMT or roundabouts.

    1,000r will get you build perms that'll let you tear down several DC's worth of various wool colours (Primarily white), several Diamond blocks, Glowstone and Glass (Bring Silk touch!). Not forgetting redstone, pistons, etc.
  8. Sorry about the delay guys!

    Right, I'll be doing this in the next 30 minutes. If you want in, 1,000r to Kilmannan and I'll give build and container perms to those that show on the Rupee history.

    Shears, a Silk Touch pick for glass and a shovel would be useful to you!
  9. Selling permissions to a grief party is not allowed. Please return any funds you have received from people.
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  10. Did that about five minutes ago.

    Can you please link me to the rule that says I can't? I'm looking for it just now. Don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places.
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  11. Isn't one, Moderators have just decided on it I think
  12. Awesome.

    Residence is open for griefing. Hopefully there wont be any more reprimands given out to me in public chat in a fairly unprofessional manner.
  13. Im curious, was there a rule saying that you couldnt? And does this mean your leavine EMC? if so, for how long?
  14. Maybe it's something we'll put into the rules, however, it's been asked a few times in the past and we have a few places where we've said it wasn't okay to do this on the forums. It's one of those so odd things that we didn't think to put it in the rules, but I'm sure we can figure out a spot for it so something like this doesn't happen again. :)
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