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  1. In order to keep things managed, some rules and guidelines have been established for running EMC related events on other, non-EMC servers. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your thread being locked, and possible moderation action against your account.

    These rules come into play when you are advertising your event using the EMC forums, or in-game on an EMC server.

    All EMC rules must be followed during the event, at all times
    If you don't follow the EMC rules during an event, you will be punished on EMC in exactly the same way you'd be punished if the event was on an EMC server. This means acting up during an event can/will result in a punishment affecting you.

    However, this rule is somewhat flexible. For example, if you're running a PvP mini-game, then you may break the "no PvP" rule, and if your event needs flying, that's allowed too. However, certain rules can't be broken, such as "do not use excessively foul language", and "obey the moderators". If you're unsure which rules must be followed, contact a moderator. However, presume that all rules must be followed.

    You must have at least 1 staff member present at the event at all times
    In order to ensure the above is followed, you must have at least one EMC staff member present at the event. It's important that you ask and secure a staff member before posting your event thread, as otherwise it's possible that none are available!

    You may post your private event server's IP in the thread
    As events often get large, it is allowed to post your event server's IP in the thread advertising your event. This does not mean spam random threads with the IP, as you will be punished for advertising/spam if you do so.

    However, this is presuming that the server is owned by you or another EMC player. Do not post IPs to other large servers or server networks, as this will be considered advertising, and will be dealt with as such.

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