RUINED my XP farm

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  1. ~Snippety snip~ DESTROYED my XP farm, saying griefers will be banned, and I said "PLease do not modify" on a sign there. I'm very, very angry. What do I do? They've COMPLETELY changed it.
  2. PM a staff member, they'll help out. :) I'm sorry bout' the farm.
  3. Instead of naming people, start a pm with staff. It's against the rules and you don't know that it was them.
  4. yeah, do you know if it was them?
  5. Please start a convo with staff.
  6. best bet: talk to staff and make sure you know who did it :)
  7. Sorry to hear that. PM a staff member about it.
  8. Actually, I DO know who did it; [erm, sorry, can't attach my screenshot. Any help on that? it's not in "More Options", and I've done it before...]
  9. Got it! Here you go:

    ~another snip~ Please start a conversation with staff regarding this matter. We do not want names named here on the forum. --margaritte
  10. Sorry, computer went bonkers and sent it twice :p
    (and I said full image, not thumbnail like it is. Weird)
  11. More proof it was them as soon as the "Attach File" button reappears...
  12. If you're the guy who built a grinder in the middle of the north bridge on smp7 right on top of the spawn, I kind of consider you a greifer for obstructing the bridge. I think I've seen what they did and, unless someone has done something to mess it up since I was through there last, I consider what they did an improvement since they moved it to the side.
  13. Of course I am "the guy who built a grinder in the middle of the north bridge on smp7"; I used to have a sign up saying I built it.

    Do you have a way to make the attach file button come back? it's vanished
  14. Are you reading what everyone has been telling you? Even margaritte, a mod, has told you what's the right way to do this, yet insist in bringing more proof here, where we can't help you and it could cost you a warning or worse for breaking the rules yourself.

    Edit: at least the names are out, but there's still the screenshots.
  15. This makes me wish that EMC had a age limit.
  16. I'm not gonna bother saying PM a mod, since like everyone who has ever been on the forums already has. But if its the xp farm I think it is, it is waayyyyy to close to spawn. Building anything, let alone something worthwhile, that close to spawn is asking to be greifed. I'm suprised that this is the first time. It would be a much better idea to cut your losses and head out at least 5k into the wilderness before you rebuild.
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  17. I'm quite sure it is. I saw the signs he linked to the last time I went out for Sand. It was built into the bridge with doors so instead of running past the mobs that usually spawn on the bridge, you had to stop and mess with the doors while battling the mobs. It looked half done too.

    It looked like they had moved it over about 5 blocks and finished the project the last time I went through. I didn't look it over too thoroughly, but I'm surprised he's complaining instead of thanking them.
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  18. It only looked half done because people kept on committing minor griefs on it, quite annoying, but fixable. I'll move to some place as far away as I have resources for,prob. a private railroad in the nether of to forever.

    Wish the upload button, would appear, rather annoying. Stopping discussing the subject, see ya.

    P.S. Sorry for the delay between postings, my computer couldn't reach the website.