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Would you like to see this tweet to the RTS system "Read 1st"

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yes 5 vote(s) 83.3%
no "explain" 1 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Please leave a comment of why not or why you would like to see this and an example as to why you want this

    So as for the current RTS "residental teleport system" I think its great and can allow a player to do many things. I do have one issue with the system as it is and have a suggestion that i think many player's would agree. This tweek would allow every one to improve upon their own RTS netwrok.

    I would love to see the RTS work like the /res tpset command, when a play spawns on to your res they spawn in the direction/view you were in when you set it

    IE: You /res tpset in a corner facing the ground. Anyone that would visit your res with the /v command well spawn in the exact spot the way you were.

    I would love to see that set in place for RTS so you could /res tpsign and when a player takes that teleport they spawn facing the direction you were facing.

    Event's, shops and personal builds alike could all benfit from this I know it would be low on the long list of things to do, but I think it would be a small tweek all would like to see!

    Please leave a comment of why not or why you would like to see this and an example as to why you want this
  2. Fun fact for anyone that doesn't know this: Did you know that when you jump onto an RTP pressure plate. Your direction is reset to the original direction the coordinates were set at?

    As for the Suggestion - Sounds fair
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  3. I usually manage to set my pressure plate or landing area so that it works out with me facing the way I want, but this would be nice for when it's awkward or impossible to do it.
  4. Here's a random thing about that which confuses me:

    Since jumping on the plate teleports you to the way you were facing when you did /res tpsign, it means that the teleport sign must be holding that info.

    So if the sign knows which way to make you face, why doesn't it make you face that way when you just walk onto it?
  5. Thats a good question. Also would falling onto the pressure plate have the same effect as falling ?
  6. I believe so, yes.
  7. Nothing can be simple.