RTS Keeps spawning me sideways

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  1. Hey Guys ! haha so i am setting up the teleporation for my shop, and everytime i go on the pressure plate it keeps putting me sideways :S I have tried turning the signs mulitple ways and i am standing the right direction i set it.. Any help?
  2. Nevermind i think i have got it now
  3. mine spawns me backwards what did u do
  4. It spawns you in the direction you were facing before.
  5. oh i see thanks
  6. Technically it does remember the exact direction you are looking when you do /res tpsign. The problem is that you are moving when you go through it so it instantly changes it.
  7. Justin I think you should arrange that because in some buildings its not possible to arrange it that way. Like it could be set to the face where the text of the sign is looking at ? (TELEPORT)
  8. Thats what i had to do. mine was sideways in a 6x6 building and i had to put it on the wall beside it.
  9. Lol I had 3 floor building only 1 floor was the opposite way and I had to change all the floor decoration :D
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  10. I am sure I seen somewhere that if you walk onto a pressure plate you retain the direction you where moving but if you jump/fall onto the plate your facing will change to the direction you where facing when you done /res tpsign.