RPG_Pack Kingdom - Empirus

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  1. Hi EMC-members!
    At PlanetMineCraft, I'm currently working on a "RPG Pack" that will contain tons of skins, Custom Maps and maybe a Texture Pack or even a SinglePlayer Mod!
    The Skins will be in 5 different Categorys.
    These categorys will be 5 different "Kingdoms", Arlius, Doria, Holias, Roituj and Empiria.
    Each of the 5 categorys will have different types of skins in it, from Miner and Civilian to Knight and King.
    And that's where you come in.
    You can PM your skin to me and pick a "class" for your skin, and I will take your skin and turn it into the "class" that you picked!
    These skins will be in the "Empiria" category, and Empiria will (hopefully) be made up by only your skins!

    I hope that you guys understand what I mean here, I know that I explained bad :p
    Just ask me if you have questions!
  2. lol im a camera
  3. *cough* my skin *cough*