[RPG] The last stand

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  1. (There are 2 of these going around at the moment, i've just decided to make a more organized one with a unique experience to it)

    It's been 7 years since the outbreak, and different people have come together to form the unimaginable. The zombies ripped into buildings, eating animals and people alike. The whole world went to hell, when one group, based in the UK, developed a cure.

    Now there is war over who gets what land, and the whole world has been transformed. It has united into one currency: The PDollar.
    All trades are done with the PDollar, and so far it has proved to be a stable economy solution. Only the UK can make the vaccinations needed to stop the outbreak from occuring in newborns and children, and if a country doesn't have enough money, there will be no monthly handout of 10,000 vaccinations. They need to keep above 5,000 PDollars.

    PDollars are awarded through claiming land off another nation. For each nation you claim, you earn 3,000 PDollars. For each nation you lose, you lose 3,000 PDollars. Trading with PDollars awards you the price the other nation named and sold to you with. This cannot exceed 2,000 PDollars.
    The map is updated when 2 nations go to war.

    My Application (you use this as a template!):
    Nation: The UK
    Army: 3,000 (must be 3,000 or below)
    Population: 5,000 (must be 5,000 or below)
    Starting weapons: AK-47s, shotguns, houses, soldier training facilities, nation hall, country borders (must have country borders!)