Rpg personalities

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  1. Hey! I just made this test
    and I got
    Post here your results! :)

    Here are all the things you can get:

  2. I done it and got I am the Warrior.
  3. That must've been fun to put together.
    On an unrelated note, I knew I was the rouge before I took the test because I already took it earlier, but when I retook it, guess what happened. And I have no memories from the last time I took it. ^.^
  4. That's good!

    You're a true rogue ^_^
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  5. I got this:
  6. Ooh magician penguin
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  7. Huh.
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  8. Haha, funny, because it's not wrong. If I were to be anything from that list, it'd be a magician.
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  9. At lunch decide to do this than read result
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  10. My brother got this
  11. I usually am a rogue, but this sounds like it fits me.
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  12. yeah, I wanted to be magician too. But evil magician is better >:-D
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  13. high five
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  14. Did you put this together or was it someone else?
  15. Me. It took me over 1 hour to make all the results.
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  16. I got this
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  17. Wow. Did you draw all the avatars and write the lore, too?
  18. Haha! You must like to play Minecraft :D
    What? No, I didn't make the test.