[RPG] Item War

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  1. This is the game thread

    The rules:
    You must choose 5 items from this list; then, fill this application form* and post it in this thread.
    Before you do that, you can start playing the game.

    *Application form:
    Name(In the game):

    How does it work:
    I propose any type of situation in this thread (For example: "You are going late to the wedding of your best friend" or "You are in a desert island"). You must use the 5 items in each situation in the most original and imaginative way :)

    There are no winners in this game, it is just for fun.
  2. From what list?
  3. That list :rolleyes:
    We'll begin playing when 2 players join.
  4. I'll join?
    1. Toaster
    2. A samsung Galaxy S
    3. A stick
    4. Money
    5. A Birthday cake
  5. Name: Zoe
    -A credit card
    -An iMac
    -An iPhone
    -10,000 rupees
  6. Don't post applications here. Anyway, let's begin.
  7. First situation:

    You're in a creeper apocalypse. What do you do to survive?

  8. I go on my iPhone and order the creeper slayer pack
  9. I Wanna Play!

    1# - iPhone
    2# - Credit Card
    3# - Birthday Cake
    4# - Tomahawk
    5# - Bike

    And throw my tomahawk everywhere :D
  10. I shoot the, with ,y rifle.
  11. I use my money to buy a screwdriver, a small portable generator, and a military grade laser. I then put the laser inside the Toaster, attach it to the generator, and somehow screw the stick to the bottom of the Toaster. I then eat the birthday cake while I blast creepers and rub my Samsung Galaxy S in the face of Apple fanboys.
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  12. i use me tomahawk and attach my rope to it and throw it in to a creeper then swing around the creeper on my tomahawk and hit the other creepers well riding on my bike, and eating my icecream and buying more icecream with me money
  13. You're supposed to use all the items you chose :)
  14. Name: Razor
    Item:a car, a trashcan, a rifle, and some rope. and a tomahawk
  15. i run over you and your samsung galaxy s with my car and a trashcan to put the remains in. i than drive away
  16. I think you didn't understand it.
    All the items in each situation :)