Royal Here, just wishing to introduce myself.

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  1. Hello, my name is Royal_Boots. The first time i joined EMC was back in February 2012. I can tell a lot has changed since i was last here, so i thought to myself, i'm basically a new player. I was viewing the forums, and i notice a slightly unstable economy. Several people said, there is nothing backing Rupees up, so i was planning to do something about it. Im going to be making a Valuable Mineral Bank Reserve on my res, where i will allow players to buy Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emeralds as a way to help back their money. I've never really used a forum on a minecraft server before, so hopefully this did not go off topic. Have fun Guys!

  2. Welcome welcome back! It's great to have old members coming back.
  3. What he said ... Welcome back!... Yes, light green is my favorite color

    If you are wondering why so many people are using animals in suits as a profile pict is because SAM, join today!(click below)
  4. Welcome back! You only joined one month after I did (Your profile says you joined in February, not January).
  5. Oh sorry, i really was just reading fast. Thanks!
  6. When I first saw who made the thread,I was just like "ohhhh no did Royal_Roy just join EMC??" (Royal_Roy is someone who is... Erm... Not a really nice or good guy on a different server i play)
    Welcome back to EMC! Indeed, a lot has changed. We got a hell lot of extra promos, more labor benches for all your crafting needs, extra sparkly fireworks, tokens, more mobs, etc. ;)
  7. Just in curiosity, what happened to all the prices? Diamonds are like triple what they used to be. Did something happen in past years that changed all the prices?
  8. Inflation, if you stalk the forums you'll see my opinion in less than 24 hours.
  9. #Todd

    Anyways, welcome back to EMC - You are gonna love all our new stuff :)
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  10. Welcome to the Empire Mate!
  11. Welcome back Royal_Boots.