Rosewill Thor V2 or Cooler Master Storm Stryker.

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Which case?

Rosewill Thor(V2) 1 vote(s) 100.0%
Cooler Master Storm Stryker 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I am building a new PC (Finally!). I used a awesome website called PCPartPicker to pick what i should use for my parts. So far here's what i got. I am having a very hard time deciding what case i should get for the computer that i am building. So far i have narrowed it down to the Rosewill Thor(V2) and the Cooler Master Storm Stryker. They are both amazing case's from what i can tell. The price doesn't really matter because the Thor is only 10 dollars more than the Storm Stryker. The only factors i really care about are the cooling,design and ease of assembling the computer in the case. I am also going to be ordering the parts 1 by 1 every week and assembling it as i go so if someone could get me a list of what i should get first then that would be awesome. So post your thought on which case i should get below.
  2. Thor v2
    Because your computer can have the power of the gods.

    No but i really have no idea what i'm talking about, ignore me XD
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  3. Do you plan on cable managing?
  4. Not really. However i don't want the cables to look terrible.
  5. Ok well if you get the Thor v2, you will need to get a 8 pin extension, or else it might not fit over your graphics card. I have a v2 white edition, and i found it fairly easy to build in. Very roomy, thats for sure. That h60 uses a 120mm fan, right? If so, the rear fan on the v2 is a 140mm size, and im not sure if it will take a 120mm size. Also, your profile says you live in MI, are you close to a Microcenter? If so,
    Your ram is low profile and 4x4gb. You never know, you might want to get more than 16gb in the future. Since the price you found is from bestbuy, you will get to pay taxes (assuming there is a bestbuy in MI) -_- I suggest seaching Newegg for a 2x8gb set of ram, since it will only cost you a few dollars more. Since you are looking at watercooling, you dont really need low profile ram.
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