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  1. Hello Everyone! I know this post may be long over due (2 years overdue to be precise), but better late then never!

    A few things you should know about me:
    1. I am a 19 20 year old Male
    2. I have lived a very sheltered life
    3. I tend to sit at my computer for hours at a time doing various things such as play Minecraft, develop Spigot plugins, chatting on a few IRC servers, and watch YouTube videos.
    4. I like to work w/ redstone
    5. I own several servers: (Not Minecraft Servers)
      a. 3x HP DL360 G4 1U Servers (Spyro, Cynder, and Cyr)
      b. 1x Dell PowerEdge 1950 1U Server (GLaDOS)
      c. 1x IBM xSeries 345 2U Server (Wheatley)
    6. I like to identify as a dragon (long back story)
    Any information not listed above can be obtained by replying to this post with your question.
  2. xD I see you on mumbleeee!
  3. Welcomeeee! We'll probably meet on Spigot one day :p
  4. Hai.
    I do the same things. Kind of. Minus developing Spigot plugins (I've only ever made one. I usually just sit back and relax on the forums and watch pointless arguments unfold) and chatting on IRC servers :p
  5. Hi willies. Welcome to the forums. :)
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  6. what kind of dragon?
  7. Welcome to EMC!
  8. that's where the back story comes in.. I cloak as an ice dragon but have abilities beyond those of any other ;)
  9. Welcome to the forums! :D
  10. <3 irc, the good old days xD Which irc servers are you on (if you feel like talking about them) and what are they about?
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  11. its pronounced Mum-bley =P
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  12. There are two that I tend to be on
    1. SpigotMC: (#spigot and #spigot-dev) Topic: Spigot & Related
    2. Domnian: (NetAdmin/Services Root) Topic: Open
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  13. Welcome to the forums! :) (well to the "Introduce Yourself" thread anyways... hehe :p )
  14. Thank you :)
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